A biographical motion picture is being considered.


Abandoned at an orphenage at birth, Thurston never met his black American father and white Canadian mother. This biopic depicts the harsh evolution of a young mulatto growing in a exclusively Caucasian environment. At nine, he was separated forever from his beloved adoptive parents, brother and sister because of his mother's illness. Then started his amazing saga through more than 20 foster homes followed by a brutal stay in a remand prison because of his belligerent reaction to violence and injustice. Then freedom finally comes at age 18 with a check of $275! Thanks to a guitar that was given to him, young Thurston spends all his time and bursting energy in recording studios. Soon, the Montreal producers and artists solicit his multi talents as a musician (percussion, keyboard, guitar), singer and composer. He could write a song overnight in any given style (pop, soul, funk, disco, rock, reggae, folk, 
R & B, etc). All of his creations were renowned for having a commercial hook.That led him to write radio jingles and to a successful career in Canada and Europe.

At age 54, as life gives him a wife and his dream recording studio, shocking news hit: he learns that he has a level-4 colorectal cancer and that his life expectancy is only from 12 to 18 months. A fighter from birth, Thurston undertakes to push back his 'death sentence' by undergoing 21 debilitating chemotherapy treatments. As requested by his surgeon, he took advantage of the extensive media attention he was getting to promote the symptoms and prevention of such a curable cancer. The grateful messages he received from numerous people brought him peace and satisfaction. Unfortunately, his last challenge abruptly ended the following year, on June 18th, 2007.
Inspired by his book and hit song entitled "Aimes-tu la vie?", this movie will show how positive Georges  Thurston remained throughout all his ordeals. His songs celebrate love, perseverance and joie de vivre.