The Georges Thurston life story on film


Many fans have been asking for a biopic about Georges’ life as he is the best inspiration and moral booster to so many orphans, children of broken marriages and struggling artists worldwide. They are now cheering the good news!

August 2021: Supported by SODEC, MCP Productions Marie-Claude Poulin whose movies ‘Rebelle’ and ‘Brooklyn’ were both nominated at the OSCARS, teamed up with Les Agents Doubles Lucie and Luce Rozon (‘Just for Laughs’) and author/screenwriter Nicole Bélanger (Canadian Screen Awards nomination for ‘Cross my Heart’) to revive on screen the singer-songwriter-musician-producer’s amazing life. The feature movie will be directed by Sylvain Archambault (‘True North’, ‘Red Brasil’ with Stellan Skarsgard, etc.).

Being Georges’ former manager, publicist & partner, Lorraine Cordeau is asked to collaborate as a consultant, along with Maxime, his only son, adopted sister Chantale and some close friends.

The media enthusiastically welcome the announcement.
“He was quite a man. I can’t wait to see that movie!”
- Danny St-Pierre
“Me too!”,
- Anaïs Guertain-Lacroix
(QUB radio, 08/23/21)


The synopsis will follow as soon as it is completed.
Stay tuned!